Easy Ways To Boost Curb Appeal

The saying is true: You only get one chance to make a great first impression. This statement applies to everyone AND everything, including your house. You want everyone who passes to be wowed by your property at the first sight. Here are some easy tips to make your house the best one on the street.

greek-island-door-2150007__340Paint the front door – The gateway into your home is the first thing people notice before they step inside. A great way to make the door pop is by choosing a bold paint color. But, it is important that this still matches with the rest of the house. This also makes it easier for prospective buyers to find the door!

window-1800575__340Install a new roof – Along with painting the front door, installing a new roof returns the most money for your investment. It is better to install an entire new roof rather than install one over the existing roof, because you can then see if there are any structural damages with the house that you should replace. As for the design, it is important to find a color and material that complements the rest of the exterior.

light-316450_960_720Swap out your porch lighting – We often forget to update the fixtures on the outside of the house, because you hardly notice them. Or you never had them in the first place! However, outdoor lighting is a great way to make your home appear more safe and welcoming. It’s encouraged to use the same color palette and style for all your outdoor fixtures, so everything flows together.

house-1273384__340Enhance your landscape – Personally, this is the idea that first comes to mind when I think of curb appeal. Adding bright flowers and leafy plants create an oasis in your front yard. I recommend using the same types of plants (tropical, southwestern, modern) and stick to it. That way, the lawn will look cohesive and make your front yard look bigger and brighter.

mailbox-1056324__340Replace the hardware – House numbers, mailboxes, door handles and locks are simple, budget-friendly ways to update the home. It is best if they are all in the same style and color, to create a pleasing aesthetic. Just be careful not to clash with any other of your outdoor colors.

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