Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

  1. Be wary of colors – Although you think your neon green basement is great because painting-black-paint-roller.jpgit is your favorite color, the wall color can be a huge turn-off to prospective buyers. Neon, bold and dark colors can distract the attention of the buyers from the details of your house and are known to make a room’s square footage appear much smaller. Neutral colors do go a long way, as buyers find it much easier to imagine themselves living in the home. Painting is an easy and cost effective update sellers can make to entice buyers, and almost guaranteeing a return on investment.
  2. For the love of pets – Unfortunately, not everyone has the appreciation for your pets pexels-photo-117488.jpgthat you do. Try minimizing your pet’s presence in your home by reducing odors and removing all their belongings from the house during showings and open houses. Don’t forget to keep the backyard clean by either immediately cleaning up after them or taking them for a walk to do their business instead. As for cats, be aware of the litter boxes and clean them everyday. Don’t risk a good offer because of your furry friend.
  3. Staying for showings and open houses – As excited as you are to show potential pexels-photo-269148.jpgbuyers why you love your house so much, it is much better to abstain from lingering at the showings. It can make buyers feel uncomfortable or as if they are intruding on your home, and make it harder to envision themselves living in the house. Also, they may withhold negative opinions or observations leading to inaccurate feedback.
  4. Having unrealistic expectations – It’s every seller’s dream to have their house under contract pexels-photo-261664.jpgquickly and with an offer above listing price. But, for many reasons this is hardly the case. Avoiding setting your price too high so your house will appeal to the largest range of buyers, by looking at homes for sale similar in your area and researching the housing market. One of the hardest parts is detaching yourself from the property and looking at the home without bias, even if you think it should be listed as more.
  5. Poor quality photos – More than half of the prospective buyers will see your propertywood-hut-items-things.jpg online before in person, so make sure you have quality and well-staged pictures that will convince them to schedule a showing. Make sure there is no clutter and natural lighting in all of the photos. If there is rooms are dirty or poorly taken, the prospective buyers will think the house is not well cared for, thus deterring them from the property.

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