How To Properly Stage Your Home

Appeal to the greatest pool of prospective buyers by correctly staging your house to highlight the accents in your home, while downplaying the weaknesses.

  1. Get rid of clutter – The biggest faux pas for sellers is having an excess amount of furniture. people-vintage-photo-memoriesIt makes the room appear smaller and draws attention away from the detail of the house. The best way to correct this issue is by moving unneeded furniture into storage units so that the room appears more open. It may be difficult to live without your favorite footstool for a couple of weeks, but it is so much better than having your home on the market for a couple of months.
  2. Switch it up – pexels-photo-310435Before moving everything out of your home, see if furniture can move rooms, you’d be surprised all the places your armchair from the dining room can fit throughout your house.By moving furniture, artwork and statement pieces to places that accentuate the features of the home, every prospective buyers’ eyes will naturally be drawn to the area.
  3. Check your lighting – In presentation, lighting is everything.If possible, showcase all the natural light that fills a room, but for the pexels-photo-91987darker areas it is best to use
    higher wattage bulbs that produce the brighter and whiter light than the low bulbs that create a yellowish tinge in. Lighting is crucial for designing the feel of a room, so it is important to conceptualize the emotions you want the buyers to feel when they walk in the room: nostalgia, cheery, or quaint.
  4. Things in Three’s – pexels-photo-147449As it turns out accessories paired in odd numbers is more appealing to the eye, especially if they are in groups of three. But rather than putting them in a straight line, arrange them in a triangle or some other combination. Use a variety sizes and widths, and it is encouraged to group accessories by either color, shapes, or elements!
  5. Bring the outdoors in – The best staged homes have collections of flowers throughout your house. pexels-photo-94876To avoid spending loads of money, search your yard or garden for beautiful flowers that are free of cost. Use the right arrangements for the season; celebrate the arrival of spring with tulips, use bright colored blossoms in summer, in fall warm up the home with fall foliage and use holly branches with berries in the winter to create a cozy feeling.
  6. Entrance is key – pexels-photo-253092Wow the buyers before they even step into your home. Adding greenery, on the front porch (or the foyer) will signal that the home is well cared for. Adding welcome mats, or just a place to wipe your feet is a bonus as well. Just imagine what impresses you when you go to other people’s homes for the first time!
  7. Set the Scene – By setting the table and bar areas, it shows the buyer this is a home that is perfect for entertaining friends and pexels-photo-271696family. For the bar area, set glasses and showcase the shelves. Use matching sets for the breakfast table or the kitchen island to set the image for family meals, while saving the fancier glassware for the dining room. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just sparks the host inside everyone. After all, everyone wants to show off their new home!
  8. De-personalize the house -Throughout the years you have worked hard to turn your house into your home by hanging family pictures and portraits, pexels-photo-94905and having your master bedroom and the extra rooms are customized to your personal taste. However, when a buyer comes in to the home, they prefer to see artwork so they can envision their family moving in. So, removing all pictures, painting rooms neutral colors and removing all memorabilia will help sell your beloved home faster, because the buyer saw great potential to create their dream home.

These small changes will be beneficial to yourself and the buyer. But, do not over-stage the home as it has been found the over-staged homes are half as likely to sell than their under-staged counterparts.

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